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Modern Bulgarian cosmetics is a stable and well known industry, selling over 75% of their products abroad, mostly in the Middle East, Asia and the countries in Eastern Europe. Despite being positioned in the lower and medium price range over the last years a growing interest should be noted into the use of high quality ingredients and the development of natural products. A certain “return” to Bulgarian traditions and reputation in the field of natural health- and beauty-care. Namely during the 19th century owing to the rose oil and the multitude of essential oils and herbs Bulgaria has been one of the highest valued destinations in the world with regards to cosmetics.

Modern organic cosmetics, made in Bulgaria, aspires to reviving and popularizing this spirit, with the rose at its heart. Organic, or bio, can be a product containing 99 – 100% ingredients of certified natural origin. Grown in family fields with a lot labour and care, without the use of chemicals and under the strict supervision of internationally acclaimed certifiers such as the American USDA and the European ECOCERT, organic plants bear the exceptional dedication and in-depth expertise of their growers. The lack of petro-chemical derivatives, parabens, carcinogenic preservatives, sulfates and other synthetic structures eliminate all risks attributed to such ingredients, commonly used in mainstream cosmetics. Simultaneously the multitude of natural ingredients guarantees a multicomponent effect of the products, with the single side-effect of having a slightly unpleasant smell. But as the saying goes: “Stay cool granny for beauty…”

The two companies, pioneers of the Bulgarian organic cosmetics, that we have the pleasure of offering in Balkansko shops are Alteya Organics and Ecomaat. Alteya Organics is founded in 1999 in the heart of the Valley of Roses, one of the most magnetic locations in the world for every manufacturer of cosmetics. Following all principles of sustainable growth and social responsibility the company grows in their own fields and carefully gathers the best plants the Valley can offer. As a result their products contain a multitude of natural ingredients that act as an elixir of youth on the skin of clients in the whole world. Ecomaat, founded in 2001 in the village Mirkovo, Sofia region, uphold the same principles but adopting a different approach. The company disposes of the most modern technology for extraction of active substances from the organic ingredients on the Balkan peninsula. This implies a focus on a single plant for every product (f.i. rose or geranium), but with unprecedented quality and purity, without any risks of damaging the molecular structure of the delicate plants. This provides the opportunity of unleashing over 200 positive effects of the rose on the human organism.

Whatever path the Bulgarian organic manufacturers choose to follow, it’s a fact that they are bearers of the traditional Bulgarian and the exemplary qualitative.




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