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Customs and traditions
Carol singing

Carol singing is the most important element of Christmas. Depending on the age of the carol singers, they are divided into children carolers and adult carolers. Usually in the villages both groups go caroling. Only in some south-west regions there are no adult carol singers.

The children carolers go singing mainly on December 24th during the day or in the afternoon. Dressed up, with a cornel tree stick “koledarka” and a bag thrown over the shoulder they go from house to house. On entering a house they bang with the stick saying: “Glorify God, glorify God!”. The housewife showers the children with wheat grains and gives them dough nuts, or in some regions walnuts, dried fruit and money

Adult carol singers are groups with up to ten members.

After greeting the landlord, the carolers sing in choir “the song for the house”, praising the wellbeing of the household and the large offspring, and wishing good health. Among the songs for praise there is a typical verse according to which the carol singers are heralds, good guests bringing good news – the fields are coming into ear, the herds are multiplying, etc.

Carol singers are given specially made carolers’ dough nuts and money. As a gift they received cheese, bacon, dry sausages and other goodies. The leader accepts the gifts and pronounces his “blazhenka” (blessing), which is often quite long and always humorously laudatory.

In case the carol singers are not met well and are not given worthy gifts, they took a revenge usually by stealing the front gate or a hen.

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