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Customs and traditions
July 25th – St. Anna


On July 25th the Church commemorates the Dormition of St. Anna.

A name day celebrate: Anna, Ana, Annie, Anika, Anitsa, Anche, Anushka, Anita, Aneliya, Aneta, Anabel, Yana, Viliana.

St. Anna is considered to be the patron of women in childbirth, of miners, of marriage, motherhood, family, of pregnant women, virgins and widows. On this day no work should be done, because women will give birth with difficulty or will suffer miscarriages. The Bulgarians call the feast day Summer St. Anne and consider it the end of summer.

On this day wheat and maize are boiled and given away, so that the crops grow during the day. Some farmers lead a pig into the house because it burrows forward and this is a sign that everything the members of the family start, will go well. Hens are set for the first time, so that all eggs hatch. It is believed that all spells uttered that night are successful, and the best place for magic rituals are the cemeteries. Magicians disguised as flies go around the houses and cause harm. If somebody kills a fly above the candle, it is believed to have been a witch. In front of the houses a pile of beef manure is burnt because the smoke chases the evil spirits away. St. Anna is a feast of nymphs, so men do not leave the boundaries of the village, in order not to meet them.

It is important what the polaza will be, that is the luck which the first guest to enter the house will bring. If the guest is a man, more male animals will be born during the year. If he is a good man, the year will be healthy and fruitful.

On this day predictions are made about when the maidens will marry. On the night before the feast grains are symbolically sown in a pot full of water. Sour cherry or apple twigs are also put in the water. If the grains sprout or the twigs come into leaf before Christmas, this is a sign that soon there will be a wedding.

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