About us

We, the team of Balkansko, believe that traditions are still alive, that our land produces precious gifts, that Bulgarian skilled workers and craftsmen continue to create with their hearts and souls to hand down the legacy of our predecessors. We know that a growing number of our fellow-countrymen are looking at the roots, towards traditional folk art in order to learn more about the real Bulgaria. With great excitement they open the dresser to get the old rugs and granny’s national dress and find inspiration in traditional folk music.

With lots of devotion and love we collect the best of Bulgarian handicrafts – red smithery, ceramics, wood-carving, weaving and everything incarnating Bulgarian national spirit.

We highly appreciate Bulgarian oil-bearing rose: the best Bulgarian cosmetics producers who made famous our country worldwide were picked. You will find here folk and lithurgic music, painting, icons and books. Silver filigree and Bulgarian treasures replicas. We have not forgotten the traditional Bulgarian wine and rakia, honey, jams, seasonings and vegetable relishes (lyutenitsa).

All that products you will find in our cosy stores filled with authentic atmosphere of Bulgarian national revival’s house. We will meet you there with the hospitality of a kind and good-natured host.

Welcome to “Balkansko – Tradition and Spirit”.

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